Trump Explained (And It’s Not Just His Persuasion Skill)

As a hypnotist, I knew from the start that Donald Trump has incredible persuasion skills. I can identify the techniques and watch the effect they have on people. So that part has always made sense to me. I watched with amusement and some frustration as most of the rest of the world fumed and sputtered incomprehensibly at Trump’s words. “They don’t understand, and they likely never will,” I thought. “This will be interesting.”

Then I saw Scott Adams talk about this very thing on Twitter. I was thrilled that someone with a large reach also recognized this. He explained this to his audience, reaching hundreds of thousands with his Twitter and periscope videos, and possibly millions more with his book Win Bigly, which explained the foundations of how persuasion works. This made Trump more understandable to millions of people.

But there was something more. Why didn’t Trump address the hoaxes used to attack him? Why did he so often seem to have overly optimistic talking points, that sometimes seemed directly delusional?

In 2017 I read a book called Dark Star Rising, wherein an esotericist named Gary Lachman described Trump on the esoteric level. He explained that Trump, through his associations with Norman Vincent Peale, was a student of New Thought, an early-1900s Westernization of exceedingly ancient energy techniques regarding manifestation of thoughts into reality.

Let me explain.

New Thought came about partially as a result of British interactions with India in the last 1800s and early 1900s. They adapted many of the Eastern Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist techniques and beliefs through a more Western frame. New Thought goes like this:

The universe (or Simulation, or whatever you want to call All That Exists) is super sensitive to your thoughts, and takes ALL your thoughts and emotions as direct commands for what to make happen.

There are many versions of this of this idea in many different practices and religions, but most of them have specific protocols or rituals to use to perform manifestation or “simulation programming” or making things happen. New Thought says ALL your thoughts and feelings are a continuous flow of manifestation commands.

There are some major ramifications of this idea.

  1. There is no such thing as true or false regarding commands. If I tell you “Pay attention to this” is that true or false? That dimension doesn’t even apply. So when Trump says things that don’t pass the fact checkers, does that bother him? Not in the least, because they aren’t statements of fact, they are commands to the universe.

    So when Trump says the earth’s temperature will cool, or a vaccine will be available in 6 months instead of the usual 15, or any of the hundreds of other similar statements, he isn’t describing what has happened, he is giving commands to the universe for that to become true.
  2. If all your thoughts are commands to the universe, you won’t spend any time on problems. You won’t analyze and slice and dice problems or talk about how something or someone is wrong. You will only focus on solutions and the result you want to have happen. This may be why Trump doesn’t address the content of hoaxes, even in the presidential debate when he could have put the Fine People Hoax to rest for good: Because he doesn’t want to give the universe any commands to make it real.

Now, there is another component of this that I only recently have understood well enough to put it all together: the concept of alchemy. In the West, alchemy was an encoded way of passing on the energy techniques of the East without letting fools or malicious people understand, and without attracting the anger of religious authorities (Islamic, Catholic, and Jewish). It overtly talks about turning “lead” into “gold” but that’s actually a metaphor for turning negative energy into useful, positive, and beneficial energy, energy that can be used for manifestation of thoughts. The East has been doing this for thousands of years in Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

So the second component of this is that Donald Trump is a world-class alchemist, perhaps one of the greatest the world has ever known.

He is quite possibly the most hated person on the planet, yet he seems to actually thrive on the negative attention. How? He has mastered the ability to take ownership of negative energy, strip out the intentions, and re-purpose that energy for his own uses. And his uses are revealed by those commands he gives to the universe, as described above. He is channeling the world’s hate into good outcomes for America and for the world, through himself and through his office as the President of the United States.

I’ll say that again because it is important: Donald Trump is channeling the world’s hate into good outcomes for America and for the world, through himself and through his office as the President of the United States.

Once you understand both aspects, it becomes clear what Donald Trump is doing and why. The energy-direction / alchemy model fits much better than any other model I’ve tried to fit to the situation – egotism, narcissism, insanity, fascism, racism, self-aggrandizement, greed – none of those predict. This does. And when you look back on the last 4 years (or more) with this in mind you start to see Trump in an entirely new light.

8 thoughts on “Trump Explained (And It’s Not Just His Persuasion Skill)”

    1. What, that lead into gold was referring to energy transmutation?

      Well, the most obvious key is that alchemy talks about 7 metals and there are 7 chakras. There are often descriptions of the King, his son, and 5 servants, which are really the crown chakra, the root chakra, and the other 5 chakras in between (in the East the root chakra is the Mother, not the Son).

      Nicholas Flamel talks about creating enough gold that he funded 14 hospitals. What he means is he helped transform 14 people into energy healers using techniques of the East.

      There are many older books that are still veiled but try to help the reader figure it out, like A Suggestive Inquiry Into the Hermetic Mystery and The New Pearl of Great Price.

      If you want a completely clear book on alchemy, John Kreiter has some that have no metaphor or blinds whatsoever.


  1. Are you implying he is both aware of the things you write about in the post and using them consciously? I don’t believe that.

    Though I can think of times when the universe DID seem to manifest exactly what I thought of.


  2. “they aren’t statements of fact, they are commands to the universe.” This is the best explanation I have read on Trump. Even better than Scott Adams. You have opened my eyes to some next level thinking.


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