What Exactly is a Paraliminal “Sleep Learning Track” And How Do They Work?

The Paraliminal series of personal enhancement sessions (which it’s no secret that I recommend) always consist of 4 tracks:

  1. Intro and setting intention
  2. Induction
  3. Sleep Learning Track
  4. Conclusion

Let’s walk through this format to understand better how it effectively engages our whole mind and body to make welcome changes in our lives.


To start, we bring our attention from wherever it was, to the subject at hand. The topic is introduced, with a lot of pacing, and a question is often asked to bring to mind what you want from this particular learning session. Doing so sets the intention and framing for the change work that follows, and allows a single paraliminal to be effective for many different aspects through repeated listening. Paraliminals usually take you through a process, so it is often useful to go through that process several times with different intentions. For example, the New History Generator takes you though a review of a past series of events to neutralize their negative emotions, so you could listen once for sad events, again for negative internal dialogue, a third time for when your parent did that thing that still affects you, etc. Each listen of Letting Go you can release a different burden. So each listen of a paraliminal should effect change and resolve a new aspect.


During this track we are comfortably led to a state of mind and body where our attention is highly focused, our body is relaxed, and our entire mind is engaged. This feels good!

Sleep Learning Track

Once we are experiencing a proper state, the sleep learning track uses that state to effect change. During this session, multiple voices will weave stories together. Each voice might have a complete metaphoric journey embedded with trance language, belief change work, resource gathering, positive suggestions, and other process language. One fascinating aspect is that the stories often converge and cross over, so instead of 2 sessions, we get 3 or more. The multiple voices can overload our conscious mind, which engages everything else available to us.

Here’s an example I just made up. First let’s read them one at a time.

L: “Once there was a traveler… who knew just where to go… to get the most benefit… for this time that you’ve set aside… now.”

R: “When you think about a special place… a place of relaxation… of healing and rejuvenation… a place you can go… now.”

Now let’s read them together.

Left voice Right voice
Once there was a traveler…
When you think about a special place…
who knew just where to go…
a place of relaxation…
to get the most benefit…
of healing and rejuvenation…
for this time that you’ve set aside…
a place you can go…
now. now.

Both voices say “now” at the same time, because when you give the mind instructions by this, you often need to tell them when to do it.

All of this works together, and it tends to feel fantastic!


This track comfortably and smoothly brings us back into a typical waking state. We integrate our new internal environment and come back “refreshed and ready to go!”

Nearly all of the paraliminals follow this structure, and by understanding the structure, we can better understand how they work to bring about changes you desire in your own life.


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