How can I use persuasion to improve my (sex/love) life?

This subject is really important for lifelong happiness and it can go so horribly wrong if done badly, so it’s important to listen to the voice of experience on this.

I wouldn’t recommend any books/sets/gurus on it that I have seen, particularly in the “manosphere” because:

  • They assume the reader is a desperate loser (often not the case),
  • many use borderline or overtly sociopathic methods,
  • most assume you won’t ever want a long term committed relationship someday, and
  • most of the techniques won’t work well until you have developed yourself somewhat from the inside out first.

My approach, therefore, would be:

  1. Figure out your ethical guidelines you will follow. Good ideas are if she smiles about it a month later you’re probably OK, and remember that many a horrible man-hater has some mistreatment by some man in her past. Don’t make more.
  2. Figure out what you want: notches on your bedpost, a fling, the right one for you longer term, the right wife/mother of your children, etc. If you don’t know what you want, then what you want is to find out what you want.
  3. Clear out your own blocks and issues with women. If you aren’t already successful with women, there will be LOADS.
  4. Establish basic health, fitness, cleanliness, and appearance habits.
  5. Develop general presence, communication skills, and charisma.
  6. THEN develop specific skills and strategies for eliciting specific states in women and tying them to you.

At that point it’s really just a numbers game / matter of time before your situation looks the way you want it.

The most failsafe and hardest to mess up path I know on how to do that – and the only one I would recommend without knowing someone’s individual situation – is using Paul Scheele’s set of paraliminal hypnosis sessions (and be sure to use the links below because you can help me support the blog).

After 6-12 months of disciplined listening, most people ought to be in a situation they are happy about. At that point, or when you’re already happy with the rest of your life, learn about eliciting states. Elicit interest then connection then lust, and tie to yourself and to being with you. Future pace a good tomorrow. If you come from a place of good intentions you will do great.

Again, there are many other methods, many of which work well, but this is a pretty failsafe approach and hard to mess up. I know people have used other programs and then found someone they wanted to be with for the long term but had programmed themselves so hard to play the field that they couldn’t switch gears and lost their preferred partner. Others were successful but didn’t like who they had become in the process. This avoids both of those situations.

The perceptive will notice that this approach can be used for improving your entire life from the inside out.

The other benefit of this approach is that while you were focusing on your primary goal, your life will have transformed into an amazing adventure as so many of your problems melt away. Imagine how that might look. How might that feel? It will likely be even better than that, in ways you haven’t even thought about yet. And that’s perfectly OK.

And note that this approach works for anyone, and for any desired partner (keep it safe and legal).


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